PPM ATT400 – 875


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Manufacturer: PPM
Type: ATT 400
Liftingcapacity: 35t
Year: 2000
Chassis number: VHX2FDTM200139875

Crane Carrier
Engine make/type: Mercedes
Transmission: ZF
Size of wheels: 16.00 R25
Drive & steering: 4 x 4
Telma brake: Yes
Kilometers: 76.000
Hours: 20.080

Crane Superstructure
Main boom: 8,4–30,4m
Fly jib: 8-15m with hydraulic offset
Winches: 1
Hookblocks: 3-sheave (25t)
Counterweight (t): Full
Safe load indicator: PAT/75%

Fabricant: PPM
Type: ATT 400
Année de construction: 2000
Capacité de levage: 35 ton
Longueur de la flèche: 8,4–30,4 m
Fly jib: 8-15m with hydraulic offset
Treuils: 1
Kilométrage: 76.000
Heures : 20.080
Marque du moteur/modèle: Mercedes
Telma brake: Oui
Transmission: ZF
Taille des roues: 16.00 R25
Lecteurs et Commandes: 4x4
Les blocs de levage: 3-sheaven (25t)
Contrepoids (t): Full
Safe load indicator: PAT / 75%
Numéro de châssis: VHX2FDTM200139875

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